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Hyatt Points Value

Hyatt points are called Hyatt Points, part of the overall program they call World of Hyatt.

How much are my Hyatt points worth?
Hyatt points value: 2.19 cents
(as of Jul 14, 2020 )

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Value History Redemption Values

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Based on our in-depth analysis, the current value of Hyatt points is 2.19 cents as of Jul 14, 2020.

How to Create a World of Hyatt Account

To create your World of Hyatt account and begin earning Hyatt Points, simply sign up at the link below.

Hyatt World of Hyatt signup page.

Hyatt Transfer Partners

Hyatt Points can be transferred into points from other programs. What other points can Hyatt Points become? The following are options:

Hyatt Points Transfer Into (Program) Hyatt Points Transferred Points Received Value of Transfer
Aeromexico 1,000 GLDr 800 ARMXr lose ↓ -64%
Air China 1,000 GLDr 640 PHNXr lose ↓ -71%
Air France - KLM 1,000 GLDr 400 FBLUr lose ↓ -82%
All Nippon Airways (ANA) 1,000 GLDr 400 MLCBr lose ↓ -82%
American Airlines 1,000 GLDr 400 AAr lose ↓ -68%
Amtrak 1,000 GLDr 400 ATRKr lose ↓ -82%
Asiana Airlines 1,000 GLDr 400 ASNAr lose ↓ -82%
British Airways 1,000 GLDr 400 AVSr lose ↓ -88%
China Eastern Airlines 1,000 GLDr 640 EASTr lose ↓ -71%
Delta Airlines 1,000 GLDr 400 SKYr lose ↓ -73%
Emirates 1,000 GLDr 400 EMIr lose ↓ -82%
Etihad Airways 1,000 GLDr 400 ETIr lose ↓ -82%
Japan Airlines (JAL) 1,000 GLDr 400 MBNKr lose ↓ -82%
Jet Airways 1,000 GLDr 400 JPr lose ↓ -82%
Korean Air 1,000 GLDr 400 SPASr lose ↓ -74%
LAN Airlines LANPASS Kms 1,000 GLDr 400 LPASr lose ↓ -82%
Lufthansa 1,000 GLDr 400 MMr lose ↓ -82%
Qantas Airways 1,000 GLDr 480 QANr lose ↓ -78%
Qatar Airways 1,000 GLDr 400 QMIr lose ↓ -82%
Royal Brunei Airlines 1,000 GLDr 400 RSMr lose ↓ -82%
Singapore Airlines 1,000 GLDr 400 KRISr lose ↓ -75%
South African Airways 1,000 GLDr 400 VOYr lose ↓ -82%
Southwest Airlines 1,000 GLDr 480 Rr lose ↓ -70%
Thai Airways International 1,000 GLDr 400 ROPr lose ↓ -82%
United Airlines 1,000 GLDr 400 MPr lose ↓ -67%
Virgin Atlantic 1,000 GLDr 600 FLYr lose ↓ -61%

Hyatt Points can be gained by making transfers from other programs. Which points can become Hyatt Points? Try these options:

Programs that Transfer Into Hyatt Points Points Transferred Hyatt Points Received Value of Transfer
Chase 1,000 Ur 1,000 GLDr lose ↓ -6%

Hyatt Points Redemption Partners

The following travel providers allow you to redeem Hyatt Points:

Companies that Accept Hyatt Points Type of Service
Hyatt Hotels

How to Redeem Your Hyatt Points

Watch this brief video, which walks through the process of redeeming Hyatt Points. You'll see how to navigate the World of Hyatt website.

Hyatt Points (SYMBOL: GLDr) Compared to Other Hotels Programs (value of 2.19 cents)

Program Value Change GLDr : Similar
Intercontinental Hotel Group IHG Rewards 1.07 +1.31% GLDr worth ↑105% more
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Starpoints 1.00 -52.83% GLDr worth ↑119% more
Marriott Bonvoy Points 0.85 +0.10% GLDr worth ↑158% more
Hilton Honors Points 0.41 -0.35% GLDr worth ↑439% more

How To Maximize the Value of Your Hyatt Points

The best and easiest way to get the most value from Hyatt points is to use RewardStock's search and planning tools. All you have to do is search, and the site will automatically give you the best results. This way you don't have to worry about checking availability, routing charts, or any of that complicated stuff. Try it for yourself.

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Best Credit Cards to Earn Hyatt Points

Card Name Earns Hyatt Points Card Network
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Via Transfer Visa
Chase Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card Via Transfer Visa
Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card Via Transfer Visa
The Hyatt Credit Card Directly Visa
World Of Hyatt Credit Card Directly Visa
Ink Plus® Business Card Via Transfer Visa
Chase Ink Plus Via Transfer Visa
Chase Ink Business Unlimited Via Transfer Visa