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Merrill Lynch Points Value

Merrill Lynch points are called Merrill Rewards, part of the overall program they call Merrill Rewards.

How much are my Merrill Lynch points worth?
Merrill Lynch points value: 1.20 cents
(as of Dec 10, 2018 )

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Based on our in-depth analysis, the current value of Merrill Lynch points is 1.20 cents as of Dec 10, 2018.

How to Create a Merrill Rewards Account

To create your Merrill Rewards account and begin earning Merrill Rewards, simply sign up at the link below.

Merrill Lynch Merrill Rewards signup page.

Merrill Rewards (SYMBOL: MERr) Compared to Other Credit Cards Programs (value of 1.20 cents)

Program Value Change MERr : Similar
Chase Ultimate Rewards 2.06 -0.01% MERr worth ↓-42% less
Citi ThankYou Points 1.97 -0.07% MERr worth ↓-39% less
American Express Membership Rewards 1.55 -0.05% MERr worth ↓-23% less
Chase Cash Back Rewards 1.00 0.00% MERr worth ↑20% more
US Bank FlexPoints 1.00 0.00% MERr worth ↑20% more
Discover Discover Rewards 1.00 0.00% MERr worth ↑20% more
Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards 1.00 0.00% MERr worth ↑20% more
Bank of America Preferred Rewards 1.00 0.00% MERr worth ↑20% more
USAA USAA Rewards 1.00 0.00% MERr worth ↑20% more

How To Maximize the Value of Your Merrill Lynch Points

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Best Credit Cards to Earn Merrill Lynch Points

Card Name Earns Merrill Rewards Card Network
MERRILL+® Visa Signature® Card Directly Visa