The RewardStock ¢pr Ticker

Add our free program valuation widget to your blog or website

The RewardStock ¢pr Ticker displays up-to-date, in-depth, data-based valuations for rewards program points. We analyze over 1 million redemptions every day to calculate the average cents per reward (¢pr) you can expect to get for each program.

Help your audience understand the value of their points. Embed the RewardStock ¢pr Ticker on your blog or website, and supplement your content with additional valuable insight.

Copy-and-paste the following code into your site's layout:

<script type="text/javascript" id="rewardstock-ticker">
(function(d) {
    var p = d.getElementById('rewardstock-ticker');
        i = p.parentNode.insertBefore(d.createElement('iframe'), p);
        dc = i.contentWindow.document; = 'height:75px;width:200px;overflow:hidden;border:none;';
    i.setAttribute('seamless','seamless');'<body onload="window.location.href=\'\';">');